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At the Florida Center for Back and Neck Pain we utilize an INTEGRATIVE or TEAM APPROACH. This means that we work with your family doctor to devise the best treatment plan for your problem. We may work with your family doctor to get the best care authorized and to coordinate care with them. We share information with your other doctors, so your best interests are always at the front of all care from your TEAM.

BACK AND NECK PAIN: Both Acute and Chronic Back and Neck pain respond very well to chiropractic treatment. Many studies and treatment guidelines based on research (Best Practices) recommend spinal manipulation as the treatment of choice for back and neck pain.

SPRAINS AND STRAINS: Muscle, joint, ligament, and spine problems all respond well to our treatment methods. Left untreated, sprains and strains become a chronic conditions that flare up when it is least convenient, and lead to degenerative changes that are the cause of chronic pain.

EXTREMITY PROBLEMS: Extremities are the areas outside of the spine. We treat conditions of the wrists, hands, elbows and shoulders (from carpal tunnel to bursitis of the shoulder), also the hips, knees, ankles and feet (from degenerative hips to plantar fasciitis).

DISK HERNIATIONS / BULGES / PROTRUSIONS: These are common causes of back and neck pain, and frequently people mistakenly believe that the only treatment is surgery. Surgery is a LAST option and should not even be considered until all non-surgical and non-invasive treatment methods have been exhausted. Surgical intervention creates it’s own problems with future instability and degenerative changes, so relief may be short lived.

SCIATICA AND RADICULITIS: Both mean pain/numbness/tingling in an arm or leg secondary to a problem in the neck or lower back. These are not a primary problem but come from another problem such as a disc or degenerative disk or joint problem that cause pressure on the nerve as it leaves the spine. Once the pressure is relieved through spinal manipulation or axial decompression, the pain in the arm or leg is relieved.

HEADACHES: Research on this condition has again shown that chiropractic manipulation is very effective in the treatment of acute headaches and has a significant positive effect on both the frequency and the intensity of chronic headaches.

All research shows that early active care has the best outcome for the patient. Chiropractic treatment, in the hands of an experience physician, is the treatment of choice. All of our doctors have significant experience and training in treating these injuries.WebsitePictures026 jpg w300h225